Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball: Roll Out The Fun!

Bocce is the perfect outdoor party game. Easy to learn. Easy to play. No large advantage to more experienced players over rookies. Fun for all ages.

The Game

Bocce is basically lawn bowling and is scored similarly to shuffleboard. One team rolls the small, white target ball, the pallino, down to the other side of the court. They then throw one of their four balls down as close as they can to the pallino. The other side then throws balls until they get one closer to the pallino that the opposing team’s closest ball.

Bocce Ball Equipment

Lifestyle Center: We have 2 sets of Bocce Ball equipment at the Lifestyle Center which you must sign out and return.

After Hours Check Out: There are 2 sets of equipment at the Bar which must be signed out and returned.

Lighting: The lights are on a timer system with an easy on/off timer and Bocce Ball is available until 10:00 pm.

Please contact the Lifestyle Center for equipment check out at 760 - 771 - 4311 ext. 110.

No guarantees of a win, but Pickleball always provides a fun, relaxed yet challenging afternoon.

-Maureen Kegley

Water aerobics is a great way to start the morning. Good exercise and nice people too!

- Penny Smallwood

Enjoying golf, tennis, club activities, and dining on the patio, we are very pleased with our decision to be part of this wonderful community.

-Bill and Zora Bain

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